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Monday, June 27, 2011

Anime Sky Cafe


          Anime Sky's project is now open and ready to launch!
          Anime Sky has thought of various ways to expand the organization and to socialize with photographers, anime fans and more likely cosplayers so, we have come up with the project called " ANIME SKY CAFE ". The project we have come up with will aim to these objectives we have.

1. To raise funds for Anime Sky 
(This funds will be great help for the Anime Sky staff in making their shirts and also making our merchandise)

2. To be able to manage business and put to practice our entrepreneurial skills 
(This will help us more in the future once we have jobs)

3. To be a service of others
(It does state in the bible we should serve others)

4. To make growth of our organization
(Yes, we may be a small but we are a fast growing organization)

          These may be our objectives for now but we tell you, it will grow bigger and more changes and new projects would appear within us. How are we so sure? Because...


Please do visit Anime Sky Cafe here at :
The home of our dear cosplayers

Monday, June 20, 2011

Animesky: Props Making Tips

  Here's a hot sizzling new variety of topic for animesky fans, cosplayers and soon to be cosplayers. Animesky would like to give you some tips and ideas in making props, gear and weapons. We all know costume, props and performance is the most important thing about cosplaying, and without these three you won't be able to portray your character right. So now we are here to give you some ideas about how to make cosplay gears/props/weapon. These insights are based from what I’ve learned in my subject back when I was in college so I hope that it'll help you guys a lot in saving and spending "moolah" (money), and also on how to be creative in stuff in your surroundings, It’s like art attack or the Filipino version Art Angel.
            Recycling is one of the method used in making such craft, it is called paper Mache, well how would that be possible? You can use boxes (karton), newspapers (dyaryo), old used folder, and wire (alambre). For putting things together like pasting you can use mighty bond, glue, double sided tape and starch mixed with water (almirol) this one is very important because this will be the foundation of your craft or props.
             The pictures shown below are some tips on how I use the materials mentioned above. These pictures are random examples since I only got few shots of my work.

Tip no.1: Drafting

You have to make draft of your weapon/gear/props before hand, it is very important because it will be your guide until the very end.

Tip no.2: Preparing your materials
In Paper Mache, the materials you’ll need are the ff.
1.    Newspaper          
2.     Old used folder/ Folder/ Karton
3.     Starch
4.     Wire (alambre)

Tip no.3: Applying the materials


You need to cut the newspapers with you’re bare hands, into little rectangular or any shapes.            

Here’s an example of the cropped sheets of newspaper.

Tip no.4: Molding form
Remember the materials on tip no.2 right? The used folder and wire (alambre) I’ll be showing you example on how I molded a certain design using that materials together with starch (almirol).

In this picture I’m drafting a wing to be pasted in a folder for the pattern and  strong build purposes (rinoa heartily’s shooting star weapon).

After that I pasted the wing draft in the folder. I putted some wires for the skeleton of the wing; I used a thick double-sided tape to apply the wire.

         Here’s the part we’re you mold the newspaper into the wing using the starch (almirol) and the news paper, this one is not easy you need to know we’re you put the starch so pay attention guys.

      You need to use you’re bare hands again with this step, and you’ll need to put the starch at the ripped news paper, and paste it according to your pattern, you’ll need to wait for a number minuets for it to dry. (For this part I want the wings to be strong so I decided to coat it 2-3 times.)

Tip no.5: Painting (fun part)
So here’s the fun part of making this weapon. First coat it in white acrylic paint, when I was studying my professor always reminds me that when it comes to painting you always have to coat it in white paint first before you paint you’re certain craft with colors. (In painting I suggest to use acrylic paint, but if the color you are looking for is not available you can use poster paint, or nail polish)

            So there it is, the 5 tips on how to make a cosplay props/weapon/gear using the paper mache method, although there are a lot of ways in making a weapon this one is for saving money purposes at the same time recycling as well. I hope you guys enjoyed and learn a lot from me.

Here’s the finish product of the pictures I’ve shown above J… Enjoy!

Animesky Blogger: Catierin

Ms. Wilonah Chan
for the pictures, co-maker of shooting star.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Young Adult Anime Fan Notes

Can you still remember the first anime that you watched? How about the first anime character that you really liked or, well, fell in love with?

Anime was quite famous during my time. Well right now, I am 22 years old (even though people have been doubting if I am really 22 because I act and look like 16 :p). This only means that I am a 90’s kid. Yeah, 90’s. The Golden age of Anime in the Philippines.

During that time, a lot of new anime came. It was the time when children who doesn’t have school will open their television at 9am. A quite shock right? 9am ^^. I know it’s difficult for you to remember if there were animes being shown at that time in the 90’s. Well actually there’s quite a lot. Those were the Classic Animes. I know you’re still confused, now I would like to name some. Can you still remember ‘Daddy Long Legs’? How about ‘Julio at Julia’? I know you can remember ‘Princess Sarah’ and ‘Cedie’. You maybe wondering if these are really animes, well guess what! ~They are. These animations are from Japan, so yes, we can consider these as animes, all though they have been labeled as the classic ones. Actually I was fond (I am fond can also be used because until now, I love them) of these animes. I watched every episode of these titles since I attended the afternoon class when I was in Grade School. I actually learned a lot from these animes like being humble, kind, generous and more. The early types of anime focused more on developing the moral of every child. Every episode has taught me something new.

How about animes being shown in the afternoon during those times? Who can forget the great Voltes V with Steve, Big Ben, Little John and others. Or Daimos? How about BTX, Blue Blink, Magic Knight Rayearth or Zenki? If you’re a 90’s kid like me, I know you were able to memorize the translated version (*tagalized* :p) of those anime’s opening songs. I know right now you are trying to remember the lyrics of those songs. I know too that right now the songs are playing inside your head. “Maglalakbay ako patungo sa kawalan” (for BTX). “Ako si Blink sa bawat oras nariyan, tutulong sa nangangailangan, ako’y maasahan..” (Blue Blink). And of course this one “Kami, narito, asahan nyo, magtatanggol. Makikipaglaban, para sa kapayapaan.”(For Magic Knight Rayearth). These animes certainly completed the afternoon of a child who came back from school.

Now who’s your first anime crush? *Blushes*. I know that we sometimes fancy an anime character, up to the point that we wish that they’re real or even to the point that they tend to be the basis of our crushes/ ideal boy or girl.. In my case, my first anime crush-> Mitsui Hisashi from Slam Dunk<- He’s tall, he’s good at basketball and he’s good looking. I also fancied Kinomoto Touya from Card Captor Sakura. I actually bought their pictures, wall scrolls, dolls and figurienes. Well who can blame me, I was young and really into anime. I actually made a fan fiction about me and Mitsui Hisashi (which I will never ever share :P) How about you? Who’s first anime crush?

The early anime shows became the foundation of the, well, adult or young adult otakus/ anime fans, in the Philippines. There may be differences with the past and the current anime that has been and are being shown but these animes will decide what kind of anime fans that will exist in the future.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Otaku and Fujoshi

I recently watched a very nice Japanese Movie (How to date an Otaku Girl). Well the title says it all. (^_-). LOL. It's actually based on a Manga ( Fujoshi Kanojo). The story is about a guy who wanted to date his officemate. But when he told him about this, the girl revealed that she is a Fujoshi (腐女子). Since the guys is naive, he told the girl that it's totally fine that she is a Fujoshi without even knowing what that word means :p

Fujoshi literally means 'rotten girl' (>ω<*)ノノ (Not that she is dead and is starting to decay *LOL*). A fujoshi is the female counter part of an Otaku (おたく). Yep. You read it right! FEMALE COUNTER PART. The reason for this is that in Japan, Otaku is usually used for MALE anime fans, though world wide, OTAKU is being used to label all persons who are, well, obsessed with anime \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ.

In Japan, Otaku is almost equivalent to a geek since Otakus prefer to be alone inside their room, watch anime, read manga or play computer games and not that sociable but tend to be really active whenever there is a concert of their favorite anime band/ singer. However, in other countries, an otaku is simply an anime fan *Okay, raise your hand if you are one*~(=^・・^) ヾ(^^ )

Anyway, fujoshis, even though they are anime fans, tend to like only one kind of anime genre. And that is Yaoi (やおい)~―(T_T)→. YAOI is also known as BL (boy's Love or Bōizu Rabu [ボーイズラブ]. This type of manga/ anime has received criticisms that's why only a handful knows what fujoshi is.

I am not generalizing that all Fujoshi's or Otaku's are weird, geek or non sociable. I can say that I am an absolute anime fan but I still love socializing. I have a friend who considers herself as a fujoshi (she collected a lot of Yaoi Mangas and she's crazy for it), but she manages to party really hard and gain a lot of friends.

The secret to be a 'healthy' otaku or fujoshi or an anime fan is to know the LIMITS and BOUNDARIES and of course know how to balance life inside and outside the anime world that we love.

To all Otakus and Fujoshis are there, all I can say is ganbatte kudasai ^^


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